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I love a good deal and I know I'm not the only one. This page is for my cheap clothing finds, diy's, outfits of the day, and anything fashion related.

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Hi kittens!! I know I’ve been away for a long time but I’m going to be working on this blog so hopefully within the next couple of weeks it’ll be back in action! Stay tuned little ones!

I bought these for Kiera because they’re size 8 but I love them! They look hand studded and there are studs on the heel as well. These were $4.

Found some more leather boots from Family Thrift! These were $2.

Put bows on my boots :3. And I got shoe inserts and now they’re perf.

I love these little babies. They’re size 9 and cream colored. I got them at Kiwani’s for $3. 

Easy and Cheap DIY Hair Bow:

Hi everyone! I decided to take apart some time today to make this fun little tutorial. I got all my supplies at my local Walmart and spent less than $10. Here we go!

Here’s everything you’ll need:

1. Cut a strip of ribbon to a desired length. Obviously longer for bigger bows, shorter for smaller bows.

2. Roll the ribbon around to meet the other side. Hold them together and so all the ribbon lays flat together and sew by weaving the threat in and out until you’ve reached the end. 

3. After you’ve sewn the bow, before you tie the thread you’re going to pull on it so it makes creases in the bow. Got it? Wrap the thread around the bow and tie it so it looks like the picture above.

4. Next, cut off a small piece of ribbon and then cut it in half. This is for the middle of the bow.

5. Wrap the piece of ribbon around the middle of the part you’ve already made and super glue it together in the back. Be careful not to get the glue on your fingers!

6. Now, superglue the hair clip on to the back of the ribbon. And voila! You’ve got yourself a homemade hair bow.

(Source: thriftkitten)

Hand studded these babies. The shoes are from Target and they were $9.


DIY Non-Slip Hanger. Using Rubberbands. Not a cool tutorial or amazing idea, but one that will save many women a lot of grief… cheaply. Tip from Blue Velvet Chair here.

Anonymous: just curious, where did you come up with the name thrift kitten?

Welp, I love cats :3 and I mean, its a thrift blog! So viola. Thriftkitten.

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